The power of team.

Gear up your group with custom HEDi-PACKs for your company, special event, team, or organization.

We’d be honored to play a small part in bringing your team together. During his 17-year career in the National Hockey League, HEDi founder Bret Hedican learned the power of team could be boiled down to selflessness and embracing a M.O.B. Mentality.
M.O.B.— Make Others Better.

Greatness happens when we’re more concerned with the people
around us and their success than our own and have a willingness to do whatever it takes to help the team.

The Power of Team

Gear up your group with custom HEDi-PACKS for your company, special event, team, or organization. Whether it’s a gift of recognition, or a reminder of what is yet to be earned, a HEDi-PACK is a great way to reinforce values, celebrate accomplishments, and make sure everyone is on the same page.

If you want to take your team to the next level, get individual Name Tapes for each member of your team (Minimum of 4).  We can either do your last name (ALL CAPS) or your first initial and last name (L. NAME).  These name tapes are on Black Fabric, with White Lettering as shown. (Special request for different colors)

In the message box, put each persons last name separated by a comma for each team member, and we’ll create it for you.  These will be $8.00 for each name.  (These measure 5” or 6” in length by 1” wide with Hook Velcro backing). 

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